You Got this. Who Me? Yes You!

Kamalisha Greta-Vivienne Green <>11:33 AM (21 minutes ago) to getupandthrive

The right self-talk can talk you out of doubt and into do and give you the calm you need to proceed

You got this! Who me? Yes you! As spring rolls into summer we still have time for “spring cleaning." #wordsonrewind Consider if you need to do a little spring cleaning in your mind & in your heart. Clear the thoughts that are weighing you down and the hurt that might be holding you back. Forgive yourself for unmet goals and determine if you still have the same goals, or if you’re holding on to unnecessary clutter. Sometimes we hold ourselves to things that we once wanted that we no longer even value, but we don’t realize it because we never stopped to take stock. * It’s okay to get rid of goals/visions that no longer align. It’s okay to clear out your “closets” and say “none of this is working & find a new “wardrobe.” * And it’s not only okay but necessary to embrace a fresh perspective and “restock your cabinets” with the things you need to move forward with the life you desire.

It’s not an overnight thing, it’s a process but one if you’re willing to commit to, the possibilities are limitless.

And it might not be something you can do alone, and that’s okay. But don’t say “I can’t. instead say “I need help.” This year take spring cleaning to a another level and start within and watch what happens. Start this day with some positive self talk & if needed a little late spring cleaning.


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