This is Me

You can be anything you want to be and it all starts with being yourself!

One of the most freeing things in my life has been accepting who I am and being myself - unapologetically.

I don’t let anyone put me in a box or tell me I have to be a certain way or go a certain route and the peace that comes with that is priceless.

This is Me.

Every who knows me knows I like a beanie and sneakers just as much as I love a dress, heels, drop earrings, and a glass of bubbly.

I love momming & wifing it up- as well as me time and a good girls night out.

I will burst into song at any given moment and I will act ridiculously silly, and then turn around and get to serious work.

This is me.

So for me one of the single most important questions we can ask ourselves often is “Is this me?”

There are millions of external influences in the world that we are met with over the course of a day and our lives in general that try to define everything from what good style is to what success is.

But what might be right for seemingly lots of people may be completely wrong for you.

So before you put your outfit together for the day, style your hair, choose your next job, start a workout plan, choose a love interest, start down a new path or continue on the one you’re on take a pause and make sure you ask yourself

💫Is this me?

And allow yourself the room for your “me” to evolve. Your “me” doesn’t have to look like it did last year, last week or even yesterday.

Find your “Me” & Run with it!

Said it before...



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