The Face You Make When...

The face you make when stuff is due at the end of the month & it’s February, & also not a leap year. #weveallbeenthere *



One thing about time is, that it’s going to pass regardless but the question we must constantly ask ourselves is where will we be when it does? Closer to the finish line or further away? Well the reality is sometimes that finish line is gonna be like an episode of #thetwilightzone. “Like wait I thought I was almost done but I don’t seem to be getting any closer.”#interesting. But in those moments the best thing you can do is breathe, stop &  take stock. Maybe you need help, maybe you need new methods or maybe you just need a break to regroup and all of that is okay.

Don’t let what sometimes can be a #caseofthemondays hold you back or impending deadlines make you give up. Instead of saying how is this gonna work, say “what do I need to do to make this work and now you’ve got a plan of action so you can #getupandthrive


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