Lift Every Voice & Sing.

Lift every voice and sing, lift every pen and write, lift every hand and act until what’s wrong is made right. Dr. King only had to have the dream he had because he lived a nightmare. It’s okay to acknowledge someone’s pain, & your own because it’s the absolute first step to repair.


Remember the phrase boys will be boys. It’s still one we hear often. But blanket statements like that often lead to behaviors that are often excused, which lead to behaviors that are often abused. *

And when people express their pain it comes out in many ways.

It’s okay if you feel helpless, confused or whatever other emotion that you’re sitting with right now.

It’s also okay to be hopeful to look towards possible progress. And as we all know progress is not easy. It’s something we have to work towards. It’s something we have to see as necessity. It’s something we have to believe is possible. *

In order to #getupandthrive one must be allowed rights, and provided with resources. *

What are you telling yourself today a little simple self-talk goes a long way. Don’t give up. ❤️🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿❤️🙏🏿

#writersgonnawrite #progressispossible


#weshallovercome #continue


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