Don't Just Wish For It. Work For It.

Don’t just wish for it, Work for it

One of the most gratifying things for us can be when our wishes come true, but more often than not it requires some added action. When we put in the time no matter how long it takes to get from point A to point B we are working for it.

Working for it involves so many different layers. It involves setting behavior based goals, which focuses on a shift in perspective and embracing any and all engagement towards becoming or doing whatever your wish is. *

It requires that we remember  working for it doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” or even all the time”

We can shift our  perspective to embrace the fact that “little or something” over time adds up. If you feel overwhelmed or uninterested with the “hustle hard /no days off push - accept that isn’t your “work style” and move into one that aligns with you.

Lots of people have advice on how we should live our lives-present company included (🏿)

But I do know this to be true, our ideas in every area of our lives from our mindset  to our relationship to our careers-require some kind of work. *

But what kind and how it’s implemented is a personal journey and has to be aligned more often than not because it can lead to burnout or even worse you get your goal and the peace, & joy you thought was gonna be on the other side of getting the work done  does not exist. *


1. Consider your  personal  work style.

2. Consider one drip in the bucket you can make

3. Keep wishing and draw a line over to what actions you should take, and are willing to take to make it happen.

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