Ask, Until You Get Your Yes.

If all you have to lose is hearing, “no.” Ask until you get your YES.

I hear No, no less than 200 times per week. Given that I make cold sales calls/emails, I’m a freelance writer & I work with kids &  I have kids of my own, and I live on planet Earth. No happens for all of us at some point and maybe it’s happening more often than you like. But I always charge myself to get past the emotion of No to get to my Yes and I’m always glad I do.

I contacted an organization almost every month last year and asked if they were interested in programming, and they told me no, after no , after no. So I took a break in December and then I called the same organization but in a different state and they said -Yes so fast I could barely explain what I was offering✅

Don’t let No hold you back or knock you down. Say No-to the negative energy attached to it, maybe shift your strategy and Know that on the other side of it is your Yes and don’t stop asking til you get it.

2 million Nos & counting(maybe slightly less, but you get the point.


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