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Take a pause for the cause, and the cause is you. Sometimes it just takes a minute to gain insight, perspective, and connect to ways you can move forward. You're not alone- and there are resources to help you heal so that you can, Get Up & Thrive. If you are struggling with mental health consider seeking professional health. Please check our resources tab to search free resources. 
Triggers: Abuse, Depression, Suicide.

Mental Health is a Mindgame

Marisa Jones

Author of The Lotus Tattoo

Founder of Everyday Being

Co-Founder of Zenful Web

The mind games we play in our heads. “I'm ugly, I'm not good enough, I hate myself, I'm too fat, I'm too skinny, I blame this person - I don't want to live.”

When these thoughts consume you, it's called mental illness. And it's taboo to talk about. Yet 1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness.

What does that look like? Depression, suicidal thoughts, shame, guilt, regrets, judgment, stress, anxiety, fear. It could be one of these or all of them. I know this because that was me.


Mental health, if not addressed, will catch up to you. The trauma of your past, whether it was 20 years ago or yesterday, will remain as part of your being until it's resolved.


I was 45 years old and living in fear, sleeping in a fetal position with the covers over my head due to childhood abuse. The mental chaos in my head caught up to me. I was a prisoner of my own mind. 

For most of my life, I was the victim. WHY ME? was my mantra. I blamed everyone else for what they did to me.


But you can heal. I tried everything: meditation, yoga, journaling, hypnotherapy, counseling. It took years and a lot of ups and downs to get my mind to where it is today. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Healing is taking control of your negative thoughts and turning them into positive ones. Not an easy feat. So how does one do that?

Go Within to Find Your Strength

1. As soon as your negative thoughts begin, immediately tell yourself STOP! Then push them aside and replace them with a positive mantra. “I am beautiful, I am loved, I love myself, I am whole”.


2. Quiet the mind. Sit in silence and listen. Break down what I call your surface emotions and thoughts. They usually are born from a deeper feeling of lack. Identify why you are having them. Find out what’s lacking, then take action for positive ways to fulfill that lack. For example, anger at your abuser on the surface—once broken down—could identify that you are feeling unloved. Now you can take action to define what you need to feel loved on your own terms, without needing someone else to provide that validation for you. This allows you to control of your thoughts and emotions towards positive action. Meditation and journaling are activities that can help you work through this process.

3.Change your beliefs about yourself. Most of us have beliefs about ourselves based on what someone else has defined for us. Your parents, friends, partners, even your religion. Dig deep and define what your values are and create new beliefs based on YOUR values.


I’ve put together some resources I use to support me in finding that strength. All have free offerings which I indulge in frequently. All have Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media accounts you can follow.

I do not receive any fees for recommending these sites. These are my own personal go-to resources.

TUT - The Universe Talks

  • Sign up for daily messages from the Universe

  • Mike Dooley, founder, offers free web webinars

Thích Nhất Hạnh - Buddhist Monk

  • Offering free webinars, master classes, meditations

Hay House - Transformation & Wellness Publishing House

  • Healing and transformation books and audio.

Kyle Gray - Angel Expert

  • Sign up for daily Angel card messages

  • His Instagram and Facebook are an active community

Mooji - Spiritual Thought Leader

  • Love his meditations, as they focus on finding awareness within

Sadhguru - Yogi & Mystic

  • Link is to his YouTube videos

  • Love his meditations and thoughts on everyday subjects, relationships, fear, worry, life, etc.

Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditations

  • His sleep meditations are helpful to calm your mind before bedtime

  • Subscribe to his newsletter

Dr. Ebony Online

  • Dr. Ebony is a Therapist and Food and Relationship Strategist

  • She has a new offering of Therapy Cards for home use and a private Facebook group ($49.99)

You can get through this.

You are strong enough.




Marisa partners with non-profits, counselors, doctors, nutritionists and other healing practitioners to provide content and resource information to those just starting out on their healing journey. 

Views expressed are those of the authors, and reflect their personal and professional experience. They are provided for point of reference, and advice-and does not replace the advice of consulting a professional. Please connect with local mental health resources in your area to receive professional advice that may fit your exact needs. 

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