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Come read, watch & listen to stories from those who went From Dream to Done, or are still on the journey, and plan to #getupandthrive through it all.  Sometimes its very easy to think of our "Why", but we might need support on our "How" These stories aim to inspire you to gain new perspective, and specific steps  from someone else's journey so we can all

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DJ Pryor 

 DJ Pryor is taking entertainment head-on this year. Maintaining the true essence of what it means to be a multi-threat entertainer through stand-up comedy, acting, motivational speaking and musicianship to name a few, the young comic is preparing his seat the table among the greats. 

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Check Out a Quick Clip from DJ Pryor's Interview. 

Full Video from Dream to Done

with DJ Pryor 


Upcoming Stories

Latrice Pace 

Born into Atlantaʼs First Family of Gospel, Latrice was destined to venture into the ministry of music. Having nine siblings to precede her, all artist in the Gospel Industry, she felt it was necessary to create a path of her own. Latrice discovered her passion for acting and began to travel with various theatrical productions.

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We want to share stories of all sizes, from all over. Please give us some time to get back to you about your story submission. In the email please give a brief detailed description of your journey and how it can help others get From Dream to Done. 

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